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Fotogalerie - Attracted to Louis Vuitton’s Men’s Bags for Fall/Winter 2019

bez obrázkuA funny thing happened on the way to look at Louis Vuitton’s newest purses . . . Instagram feeds filled with bags from LV’s Men’s Fall/Winter 2019 show and there was no turning away. For his second men’s collection at the luxury house, Virgil Abloh nailed it, at least with the bags. And, for those of you not into mini sizes, these were big. Really big. Neutral and colorful, based on monogram prints.
Neon yellow green monogram version of the structured Steamer bag was all kinds of chic. A version was spotted in hot pink as well.

Sure there was more traditional monogram Replica Handbags too – a huge backpack, a smaller handheld. And a truly cool jacket that may have us all shopping the men’s side.

Take a look at this huge carry-all, in red and gray, reminiscent of  the Hermes HAC, but certainly paying homage to LV’s history as a luggage maker.

Abloh and Louis Vuitton really seem to have this in the bag. Any ladies planning to crossover to the men’s side for themselves? Or, are you buying for a guy with plans to swipe it from him? Let’s hear from you.

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