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Fotogalerie - Back to the Future With Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2020

bez obrázkuFor Louis Vuitton, Spring-Summer 2020 is back to the future. Not with Marty McFly and the DeLorean from the actual movie, but the runway featured bags modeled after VHS cassettes and cases. Anyone remember those? A curious choice to say the least, since many LV buyers may not be familiar with the DVDs predecessor – VHS. Moreover, it also is a technological step back from the bags with embedded flexible OLED screens shown in the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2020 show Replica Handbags
According to reports, beyond the cassette era, designer Nicolas Ghesquiere took inspiration from the Belle Epoque era in France. That period ran from about 1871 to 1914, and was considered a time of optimism, peace, prosperity and advancement. Interestingly, Belle Epoque also saw the birth of the House of Louis Vuitton. Although the bags themselves for the most part did not harken to the trunks of yore, there were continuations of themes of prior years.
On the Spring-Summer 2020 runway, we spotted one new bag – the Blade. Perhaps it’s the similarity to another single handle, ladylike satchel with a clochette. Despite the Hermes Kelly references, it showed in some interesting fabrications and sported a longer (perhaps more practical) handle…
Other bags shown were variations on prior themes: the Egg, Dauphine, and Vanity Monogram. Dauphine-lovers that want to downsize will be excited to see a mini-size version

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